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Fall Harvest Party

We will be having our FALL HARVEST PARTY on Thursday, Oct. 30th!  We need plenty of goodies for our party.  If you can help us, please see the sign-up sheet in the school

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Picture Day –

Lil’ Angels Photography will be taking individual and class pictures on Oct. 27 & 28. Beginner 1, 2 & 3 classes will be taken on Oct. 27th.   The Beginner 4/Intermediate 2, Intermediate 1, Advanced & Kindergarten classes will be taken on Oct. 28th.  Also, sibling pictures will be taken on Oct. 27th unless otherwise requested.  Please see the special “Picture Day” notice that will

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Foundations Blog On Childhood Training

Rev. Perry CoughlanPerry Coghlan, author of the Foundations blog, shares insightful stories, tips, and observations on parenting, character training and child development from a biblical point of view that inspire and encourage parents through the challenges that come with raising a family in today’s society. He draws from his many years of real-time experiences with early childhood development and training and his personal journey of raising a family of 6 children and having been married for over 40 years.

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The Parenting Silver Bullet

“My son, keep your father’s commandment, and forsake not your mother’s teaching.” Proverbs 6:20 You may have heard the long running radio commercial about a child-training program that boldly promises, “you can absolutely change your child’s behavior and improve your life as a parent.” The ad copy promises to stop

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The Best You Can With What You Have

“…for I have learned in whatever situation I am to be content.” Philipians 4:11 There is a story told about a famous violinist that ought to be inspiring to any parent. Itzhak Perlman, a world-renowned violinist, had polio as a child and wears leg braces and uses crutches as

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  • I wanted to share with you the wonderful difference we have seen in Zoë since she began your school. We were riding home one day and she was talking in the back seat. I wasn't totally listening to her but then I heard her say "Honor your Father and Mother", and "thou shall not covet". I said Paige are you saying your ten commandments she said yes mommy and I just began to weep. I was so amazing to hear that! Such a wonderful Blessing to see the works of God in your children!! She leads the prayer at night before she goes to bed and she blesses the table when we have dinner. All of these things your program given her the courage to do. Zoë is much more controlled with writing and coloring, she is better with letter recognition. I have seen more change in her the two months she has been at SHAP than I ever saw at her previous school. From the bottom of our hearts my husband and I thank you for all of the wonderful things your program is doing for and in our daughter.

    Janine Chandler

  • Dear SHAP Family, It was very hard at first to drop the girls off for school for the first time. There were many tears those first couple weeks, but everyone there made it a better with each passing day. The girls were quick to adjust thanks to everyone. It was not long before they were asking to go to school even on the weekends. We were so blessed for our girls to be able to attend preschool here. They have had so much fun, and have learned so much in the 1 ~ years there. They can not stop talking about an of the wonderful staff members. Their teacher, Miss Becca, has been a great role model for them and we wish her wen in college. Thank you everyone for taking care of our sweet girls and teaching them not only the curriculum, but life lessons as well.

    Heather Russo

  • My son attends Spring Hill Academy Preschool. He's been in attendance since last summer and in such a short time I have seen drastic changes not just in behavior but knowledge as well. He actually looks forward to school. The way his face lights up when he comes home to talk about his day and what he learned as well as reciting his prayer, letters, sounds, and numbers. He feels supported and safe. Every morning he asks for "'teacher hugs" as I have to leave for work. There is not a price one can put on the feeling of joy and comfort the school brings my son or the peace it brings me knowing he is safe and well taken care of. The teachers there are very passionate in helping raise up the children, educating, supporting, cherishing. His behavior alone has shown a drastic improvement. He will recite his 10 commandments, listens more, temper tantrums have decreased, the anger and aggression is gone. He has a sense of peace about him that I know the school has brought about through the standards they set and the word they teach. If anyone is thinking of enrolling their child/children in Spring Hill Academy Preschool I would definitely advise it. The curriculum is by far the best and also gives parents the opportunity to participate in the child's educational experience through homework, school communications, school programs, and other events. The staff is incredibly friendly, approachable, and supportive as well as good role models for the children. This preschool is on a completely higher level than any other daycare school I have seen or my son has been in attendance of. Sign up for Spring Hill Academy Preschool today!!!! I just wanted to say thanks to all of my sons teachers and friendly staff that have helped make his transition to Spring Hill Academy such a remarkable success.

    Lydia Dumond

  • My daughter started there 2 weeks ago and loves it, she begs me to let her stay longer every day! She comes home singing new songs every day and has already learned so much! AND she plays her little heart out and absolutely loves her teachers! I am so happy we decided to send her there! We are very happy and she is thriving!

    Celena Harmon Mullen

  • We have had some not so happy experiences with child care in the past, and could not be happier that we found our place at Spring Hill Academy Preschool. Our children grow leaps and bounds daily, not only in academic areas, but the more important spiritual and social areas. Spiritually, they recite many bible verses and songs, but the truly amazing part of it is that they UNDERSTAND the meaning behind these verses and songs. It is not purely a memorization. I believe they understand this because the staff at SHAP show them what it means by making these values a part of their everyday lives. The teachers and staff truly love our children and it is obvious. Our kids love to go to school and are excited to get there every morning. They are also so proud to show us everything they have done and accomplished during the day. It is such a wonderful feeling as a parent to not have to worry about your child while you are at work. The peace of mind, knowing that not only is your child being taken care of physically, but being mentally challenged and spiritually molded, is irreplaceable. We could not put a price on the head start that the SHAP education has given our children.

    Christin Glenn

  • "We can go to work and not worry abut our daughter. We know she is in a loving environment where she is well cared for and learned. It gives us peace of mind. Ava has learned so much since starting at SHAP. She can identify letters, numbers, speak some Spanish, and so much more. Most importantly she has grown spiritually. She recites the Commandments, prayers, and the Bible lessons. Often she requests to lead prayer for our family. The Christian principles she is learning are absolutely foundational in her learning. We couldn't be happier at SHAP. After spending time in a for profit, corporate run preschool. We found in SHAP a place where our daughter is safe, loved, educated,m and nurtured into the Christian faith."

    Steve and Shelle Jones

  • My son started last week after being with only me at home for 3 1/2 yrs, he eased right in and loves it! The staff at SHAP are amazing and are doing something right. My son wants to go the moment he wakes up :)

    Naomi Kelly Saleba

  • My 3rd grade daughter has been with Spring Hill Academy since pre-k. The curriculum is amazing! She took the SAT in 1st grade and scored 5th grade, 4th month overall. Some of her scores were post-high school. In the 1st grade! Couldn't be happier!

    Amey Harmon Weeks

  • We are avid supporters for Spring Hill Academy Preschool. Our son has been going here since he was potty trained (2 1/2) & is now in their Pre-k program (4 1/2). He has been reading & writing his name for the past year & he is speaking in Spanish. I have two older children, one who went to a corporate daycare & another who went through the Williamson County Pre-k program at the school & neither were where our youngest is at when they were his age. In fact our one son who went through the county pre-k program was doing his kindergarten homework last yr & our other son who goes to SHA was able to read it with no problem. You cannot go wrong with Spring Hill Academy. We have a lot of our friends who have had their children go to SPA as well & will sing the same praise! Plus the teachers really do care for the kids!

    Shawna Cassidy Nieves

  • Dear Mr. and Mrs. Coghlan, We are moving to Birmingham, AL. Braden has enjoyed going to school at SHAP and we have enjoyed watching his knowledge grow exponentially. SHAP was a huge part of that. We will forever be grateful for all your help and teaching. SHAP is such a blessing to so many people and their children. Thank you for being so good to our son!

    Brad and Jennifer Taylor

  • Colton has been attending Spring Hill Academy Preschool for about four months and he has improved in every aspect. He is obedient, better behaved, and our family and friends are amazed at how much he has learned. Not only is he getting reliable care, structure, discipline, and education, he's also learning Christian values at school, which we really appreciate! Spring Hill Academy Pre-School has been such a blessing!

    April and Barry Goad, Columbia, TN

  • What a godsend you have been for our son Matthew and us. You truly have been a blessing in our lives and in only two and one half months he has learned so much. He loves school and he knows almost all his letters, recognizing and writing them. He knows his numbers and can count to ten in Spanish. Matthew loves the signing and Bible class and I don’t have trouble anymore getting him to go to Sunday School Class. I’m always amazed at the capacity for memory that he has. The progress he has made has been wonderful to watch and his manners are much better also! His coloring has greatly improved and he is very proud when he gets a certificate (or a ring pop!). He can’t wait to get to the Advanced Class. Thank you for channeling some of Matthew’s energy into learning!

    Diana and Donald Schumacher, Spring Hill

  • Dear Mrs. Coghlan, This note is to inform you that our daughter Taylor G. Hill will have her last day attending Spring Hill Academy Preschool on Friday, July 5th, 2013. My grandmother, her great-grandmother is traveling up from Alabama to spend time with our family. She will get to spend the time with her great-grandmother from then until the start of Kindergarten in the Williamson County Public system, where her sisters currently attend 1st and 5th grades. My wife and I want to sincerely thank you and your staff for the wonderful job you have done in helping prepare not only Taylor, but also her sister Catherine for the grade school. Catherine was at the head of her Kindergarten class and we have you to thank for that! We know that Taylor will do the same. We will miss all of you, yet hope to see you in and about our wonderful town. Please know that we will continue to promote SHAP to our friends, family, and anyone we meet that has children. You all do a masterful job in not only teaching, but also loving our kids and for that we cannot thank you enough. Friday, July 5th, 2013 will be a sad day for us, yet also a grateful one in that we know that Taylor is well prepared to excel when she starts Kindergarten in August. We are truly blessed that God led us to your school. Thank you again for all you did in preparing Catherine and Taylor for the next exciting chapter in their life! Sincerely, Robert Hill 615-476-7469 rtcthill@charter.net

    Robert Hill

  • I wanted to write you a letter to express our appreciation for the wonderful learning environment that you and your school provide to our son Aaron. You are aware of the concerns that we had with his previous school, and we certainly do not have any of those concerns with Spring Hill Academy. Since enrolling Aaron at Spring Hill Academy Preschool we have noticed many things that set our school apart. The discipline techniques, nurturing environment, and spirit of cooperation are noticeable. Aaron seems to be very comfortable and happy at your school and we believe he is doing well. We feel blessed that Aaron is with such good people and we look forward to upcoming years at Spring Hill Academy Preschool.

    Mille and Pete Halverson, Spring Hill

  • I just wanted to take the time to let you know what a great job you are doing. My daughter has been there for about 6 months now, and I can already see wonderful things happening with her. But the best part is, it's not just with her, it's actually with our whole family. There is a seed that has been planted and that seed has grown. Now she is planting seeds in her sisters. She has taught her 3-year-old sister, Megan, to pray before every meal, and even at bedtime. Tears came to my eyes one night as I watched her kneeling at her bedside to pray before going to sleep. I didn't think a 4 or 5-year-old could really grasp the concept of God and prayer, but I've been proven wrong. And I love that I've been proven wrong! There's so much that she has learned. My husband's family marvels at her ability to recite the 23rd Psalm as well as other Bible verses. She is also reading, and I can see that she is gaining more confidence in herself. When she first started, she was very shy and not sure of herself. She would give up if something was too hard, but now she knows that she is smart and can do anything if she sticks with it. It makes me so happy to see these changes in her. When I first found your preschool, I prayed that I was making the right decision leaving her there, and now I know that I did. Thank you so much for everything! You are such wonderful people, and you are doing wonderful things with all of these kids. You're planting seeds in each one of them, and I hope they continue to grow through the rest of their lives. May God continue to bless you, your family, your preschool, all of the kids that come through your doors, and all of their families. Thank you again!

    Laura Jones, Spring Hill

  • I just wanted to say thank you and let you know what a difference Spring Hill Academy Preschool has made in McKenna's life. She has only been there for two months, and she is a different child, both academically and behaviorally. McKenna has been going to preschool for three years, and was only able to recognize five letters and one number at the end of last year. She was often in trouble for misbehaving, and was frequently sent to the office at school. Now, after two months with you, she knows all her letters, their sounds, her vowels, all the numbers, and some Spanish words. I have no doubt in my mind she will be ready for Kindergarten next year. One night at dinner, out of the blue, she started saying the Pledge to the Bible, and knew every word. I had tears in my eyes. She tells me her Bible verses and Commandments, and sings songs too. I am so proud of her achievements, and the way she is excited to learn more. She tells me she can't wait to pass her letters and move up to the next class. Her behavior has improved at home too, and she is interacting and playing with her sisters and friends so much better. She now has great manners, says sweet things, asks permission before doing things, listens and does what I ask her to do, and controls herself much better. I honestly didn't know what I was going to do with her before this. Spring Hill Academy Preschool has been the best positive influence on McKenna, and our family, and I can't thank you and your wonderful staff enough. I have found everyone there to be so kind, caring, helpful, and loving, and McKenna looks forward to going there every day. From the very first phone call I made to the school, it has felt like this is where we belong. It has changed our lives for the better. I don't know how you do all that you do, but from the bottom of my heart, thank you all. I can't wait to see what the rest of the year holds.

    Michelle Kumpf